List of testimonials 2019

The format is perfectly adapted, no waste of time and targeted appointments. It allows us to spend time the day before with proposals that, even if we are not looking for them, are relevant and likely to improve our practices. The organization is exceptional, as are the accommodation conditions. I can only recommend participation. Really we don't waste time!

DGA – CA Forbach Porte De France

A quality professional event allowing meetings with exhibitors very interesting for our activity and meetings with counterparts allowing exchanges on our reciprocal activities.

HRD - Caillau

Very well organized and very interesting exhibition; being able to meet in 2 days the actors of the market saves time on the search for service providers related to our various projects.

CFO – Alinea

This meeting allowed me to meet several potential suppliers over 2 days and to find efficient solutions to be implemented to solve various problems. The professional meetings were interesting and fruitful. The organization of the meeting was perfect. The welcome, the support, the accommodation and the quality of the service were well appreciated.

CFO – Association Don Bosco

Before talking about the substance, which is really an interesting concept, I would like to say that I found that everything was perfectly settled and that there was a real sense of professionalism in the organization. Quite frankly, there's nothing to complain about and it's really great because there were still a lot of people and things to manage. Then, on the bottom line, the fact of having only "qualified" meetings is really interesting and it allows us to see a number of potential partners in 2 days whereas it would take weeks before we could do it outside this show (the time to reconcile the agendas of each other). I have exchanged a lot with other people (exhibitors and guests) and I think I am not mistaken in telling you that this format has been very popular...

CFO – Benteler Distribution France

Quality of the exhibitors, meeting and sharing issues and points of view with other CFOs or HRDs. In our jobs, we are often alone in the company and meeting with other CFOs is not always easy. The meeting gave me the opportunity to take stock of investment projects and also a very interesting experience sharing !


Sometimes isolated in our functions, it is nice to be able to "get out" of the office for a few days in order to share problems that are often common or complementary with counterparts in various sectors of activity. It is all the more pleasant as it takes place in a very pleasant setting and as we are accompanied from start to finish by a very dynamic and available organising team.

CFO - Esprit Gourmand

Excellent organization and accommodation. Very good conference in general, high level and expertise. Good exhibitors and offers.

CFO – IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances)

Very qualitative event with a personalized attention to your needs. Very adapted to a BEP-ETI environment. Very very well managed logistics. This meeting place allowed me to save a lot of time in order to make progress on certain subjects (dematerialization in particular).

CFO– L’Eau Vive

Nice professional and friendly event that allows a quick connection with a lot of HR actors.

HRD - Toyota France

As a qualitative event, the appointments make it easy to make contacts to respond to our various issues in the same place, which is a significant time saver.

CFO - Les Amitiés D’Armor

Being able to meet with CFOs and HR directors for 3 days in a prestigious setting allowed me to access these executives very simply in a particularly favourable atmosphere. Many of them told me that they rarely take the time to receive companies that have the capacity to respond to their digital transformation issues, and they particularly appreciated this privileged moment. Numerous meetings in the month that followed allowed us to directly access these decision-makers and to start beautiful projects. The rhythm and sequence of meetings was sustained but the interviews were of high quality and the atmosphere was particularly friendly and conducive to business. Sometimes even meetings took place and allowed exchanges allowing everyone to progress in his field...

Digital Solutions Director - Neopost France

An event with a very interesting format. As exhibitors, we know what we are travelling for, with a common goal in mind. It's hard to do more optimized!


Another excellent season for this show! The quality of the contacts improves every year and the team is always on the lookout. I highly recommend it!